Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Twisty Tuesday. You Gotta Love It!

You know one thing I really appreciate about life? It's full of twists. Twists make our lives interesting. Sometimes that's not always a good thing, but in writing? They're like decadent espresso shots for your novel.

Twists are shining gems, my friends. Devious, evil, and utterly vile gems. And oh man are they fun. In honor of the twisty goodness, I've dubbed Tuesday as Twisty Tuesday. My little gift to you. You're welcome.

Want a plot twist for your next WIP? Look no further. I got one to spice things up a bit right here:

 The best friend of the MC is forced by the antagonist to jump off a building. The MC witnesses the whole thing.

Whattaya think? Pretty diabolical, huh? Was your face akin to this cat's?:

If so, my job here is done.

I'll see you guys next time...Or will I?...

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